Cold IPA


Bract to the Future

$24.00 NZD

A cold IPA is an IPA fermented with a Lager yeast which results in a clean, refreshing, lighter bodied beer with all the hoppy goodness of an IPA. We decided to use this hop forward style to showcase our first of our Bract to the Future series of experimental hop beers.

NZ Hops puts in years of work to develop exciting new hop varietals which, through the Bract Program, a select few breweries have the privilege of brewing with to see how they taste and smell in the finished product!
This beer utilizes NZH 102 which, while having some unique flavours of its own, boosts the flavour and aroma of other hops used alongside it. This unlocks exciting new combos for brewers to try.

We used Motueka and Nectaron alongside #102 to bring citrus, candied lime, tropical fruits and a hint of grassy dankness. On a clean and light body this beer is refreshing and drinkable.

Bringing the hops of the future Bract in time for you to try!

$24.00 NZD

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