New Zealand's Strongest Beer

September 15, 2022


Here at Fortune Favours HQ we are all about pushing the limits when it comes to new beers and our entry for this years Rare Beer Challenge was no different. Head brewer Dale had the idea of making New Zealand's strongest beer - coming in at 31% this beer was not for the faint hearted. 

Hyper Fuel 31% is New Zealand’s strongest beer, it has been fortified and is comparable to Port or Sherry. ⠀

How it was done:⠀
Produced high gravity wort (highest we’ve done in the brewery) and fermented with a high attenuative yeast = very strong base beer. We then distilled a portion of the beer and blended the distilled beer spirit back into the remaining base. Beer has been fortified by adding spirits before but as far as we know never to this extent. Our rigorous (google) research has not uncovered a beer fortified using distillate from the original beer itself. So this technique seems so rare it’s never been done before!

The Rare Beer Challenge and New Zealand's strongest beer hit the news headlines, check out the link to watch FF founder Shannon knock back an early morning shot of Hyper Fuel on national TV.